Coastal Shootout

-Event Dates: April 19-21, 2024


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Deadline : April 3rd, 2024

  • U6 – U8  $500
  • U9 – U10 $750
  • U11 – U12 $800
  • U13 – U19  $850

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Tournament Rules


Tournament is open to all USSF sanctioned organizations such as USYS and US Club Soccer. Only those players appearing on the tournament approved team roster will be eligible to play. Players may only be rostered on one team participating in the tournament.

USYSA or US Club Soccer laminated player passes (properly validated by League and/or Registrar) will be required for all players. Any player who fails to provide a player pass before the game will be unable to play. There will be no exceptions to this rule. Player passes will be checked before each game.

All Teams must check-in in accordance with instructions provided with acceptance. All players must be registered with USSF affiliated organization (i.e. USYS, US Club, etc.) and have their laminated player passes at the time of Tournament Check-In. There will be no player additions after Tournament Check-In. It is the responsibility of the team manager or coach to have all player medical release documents in their possession at the field throughout the tournament.


U13 and older (11v11) – 22 players
U11 & U12 (9v9) – 18 players
U9 & U10 (7v7) – 15 players
U6, U7 & U8 (5v5) – 10 players
NOTES for U6-U8 : No throw-ins are allowed, kick in only. Ball size is 3. HEADERS ARE NOT ALLOWED.  There is no goalkeeper. 

Five guest/loan players will be permitted per team with properly completed guest/loan player forms.

Referees will be instructed not to add time to a game except in the most extenuating of circumstances.

Unlimited substitution will be allowed only with the referee’s permission at any dead ball situation.
A player receiving a caution (yellow card) MAY be substituted for, at that time.

The tournament prohibits any player or team official ejected from a match, or suspended by the proper authority, to be within sight or hearing distance of the field of play during his/her suspension. A player or team official receiving two cautions (yellow cards) in a single game is considered to have been given an ejection (red card) for the purposes of awarding points for the tournament competition. A player or coach who has been ejected (sent off), shall not be replaced and will be suspended from the teams next scheduled match. A player or coach who has been ejected for VIOLENT CONDUCT shall not be allowed to participate in the next TWO scheduled games (subject to review by the Tournament Committee). Any player or team official who assaults a referee will be expelled from the tournament. FIGHTING will not be tolerated for any reason. Players sent off for fighting (striking or attempting to strike another player) will not be allowed to participate in any further tournament games. Players, team officials, or spectators who enter the field of play for any reason in the event of a fight will be ejected from the tournament. If the players cannot be identified, the entire team will be removed from the tournament. No refunds will be made to any team that is removed from the tournament.

Home team (first team listed on the schedule) will be required to wear light color jerseys and will change jerseys if wearing dark jersey that conflicts with away team.  Away team wears dark color jerseys. The home team will supply 3 game balls. The game ball will be subject to referee approval. For fields where team benches are provided by the tournament, coaches, players and spectators must remain in their designated areas.

Listed as below or as determined by the referee (all games shall have a 5 minute half time),

U8 & U6 – Two 15 minute halves
U10 & under U9   Two 25 minutes halves
U14 – U11  Two 30 minute halves
U19 – U15  Two 40 minute halves
***all championship games on Sunday for U15 – U19 will be 30 minute halves***

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A. Points will be awarded for each game in accordance with the following schedule:

Three points for a WIN
One point for a TIE
Zero points for a LOSS

B. For a forfeited game, the winner will be credited with a 1-0 win and awarded three. A team abandoned by another team during a game will be awarded three points.
C. Teams are allowed a maximum of 5 minutes from game time to forfeit time. NO points will be awarded if neither team shows up.

In the event of a points tie, places will be determined as follows:
A. Head to head
B. Goal differential (Maximum of 4 goal differential per game)
C. Most Goals Scored (maximum of 4 goals per game)
D. Least goals allowed
E. FIFA Penalty Shootout

If 3 teams are tied on the basis of points earned, the final ranking will be based on the evolved sequence criterion.  The third-place team drops out and the evolved tie breaker is applied scenically to the remaining two teams to break the tie.

For advancing teams (to include semi-finals and finals), the tie breakers will be limited to FIFA penalty kicks. Only the eleven players on the field at the conclusion of overtime may participate. In semifinal brackets involving wild cards, (C vs. pts), a coin flip will be used to prevent a match of teams that have previously played.

All check-in will be done online. Player cards must be present at the field during play.

Shin guards must be worn by all players. Players not in compliance will be CAUTIONED (yellow carded) and sent off the field until the requirement is met. No jewelry may be worn during the competition. Players wearing hard orthopedic casts will not be allowed to play if it determined to be a risk to other players. The referee shall make the determination of the safety of the cast. Players shall wear approved cleats. Coaches are responsible for picking up players cards after each match.

There will be awards given for 1st and 2nd place. Awards will be presented at the completion of the Championship Games. Awards will not be mailed to teams. 

Protests will not be allowed. Game conduct is under the jurisdiction of the referee and the tournament will not overrule a referee’s decision. All decisions and calls of the tournament referees are final.

The Tournament Director or his/her designee is the final authority in all matters and reserves the right to alter the format to enhance fair play.

INCLEMENT WEATHER In the event of inclement weather, the Tournament Committee reserves the right to modify all tournament rules in order to safely and fairly end the tournament successfully.

Contingency Plan:
Plan A. All games will be played as scheduled.
Plan B. Shorten all first-round games to 2 X 20.
Plan C: Plan B plus shorten all second-round games.
Plan D: Plan C plus shorten all third-round games.
Plan E: In the event the games are unplayable, it may be necessary to decide some games with kicks from the mark.

The Tournament Committee will do whatever is necessary to play all games, however, the safety of the players is paramount. Along with safety, damage to the fields will be considered in making the decision to cancel any games. There will be no refunds for cancelled or shortened games.

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